Sunday, August 28, 2016

Wood Fencing: Available Types to Consider for Your Project

When people need to fence their yards, then there comes the time to choose the most appropriate fencing type for their project. For decades, there is one fencing type that is the fence to behold for several good reasons. It’s never been out of trends and as the time passes, it has revealed many different types to consider. I am talking about the wood fences! These fences are known for their natural aesthetics, cost efficiency, durability, and many more advantages. So, if you are the one who want to install a new fence in your home, then installing wood fence in Arlington VA can be the most appropriate option for you as well.

Thankfully, there are different typed of wood fencesin Arlington VA that a homeowner can choose from. Here are the 4 most commonly used wood fencing types or styles that you can also consider for your project:

1. Spaced Picket Fencing

This is the most commonly used wood fencing in Arlington VA that you will see in your neighborhoods. It’s the most versatile wood fence that can be a beautiful addition to your home. These fences can be installed to enclose a swimming pool or to contain your children or dog inside. There are limitless designs of spaced picket fencing and you can easily customize them as per your desires.

2. Lattice Top Fencing

Lattice top fences are solid at the bottom, while there is lattice at the fence top. The added lattice accent is just great enough to compliment and personalize your home. The height and the depth of this fencing can easily be customized as per the client’s requirements. This a good option for the privacy concerns.

3. Shodowbox Fencing

This fencing type is also recognized by the name of “neighbor friendly” that means that this fencing type has no bad side of the fence. This is because of the fact that the fence has both the sides identical. This fencing type provides partial privacy, but if you want the full privacy, then this fencing type is not recommended for you. It’s a semi-private fence through which one can see inside by creating an angle.

4. English Hurdle Fencing

This is an old fashioned fencing type that is in use since 1920’s. It’s a classic beauty that can work excellently with any landscape and it can also be used with/without the wire. This fencing type can easily blend with any setting, so you can consider this fencing material to achieve the particular look that it offers.

There are also some other interesting wood fences such as solid boar fences, tongue & groove fences, split rail fences, slip board fences, basket weave fences, and stockade fences, etc. When your wooden fence gets old and it starts to lose its sheen, then you can also call a local fencing contractor for new fence painting in Arlington VA because wooden fences can easily be painted to renew its look. This makes it a great option, when your fence has become old and you don’t have the budget to buy new fences.


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