Sunday, June 26, 2016

Top 4 Reasons to Not Consider DIY Window Repair/Replacement

Look around and tell me one of the essential features of your home structure. You will definitely come across the home windows and say, “yes, it is never possible to have a home without the proper installed windows”. Due to the fact that modern day home windows serve different purposes, there are too many types and designs of windows available in the market these days. Today, you will see countless appealing designs of glass windows, when you visit the market to buy one. Glass is a material that has become extremely important because of the fact that it can perk up the value of the home.

We know glass is a sensitive material!

All of us are aware of the fact that glass is very vulnerable to damages due to its sensitivity. So, there will be a number of times in your life, when you will have to experience the broken glass windows in your home or office. At this time, there is a group of people who thinks that it isn’t necessary to hire an expert in Window Glass Repair in Alexandria VA and the project can be done DIY. However, this approach is extremely bad due to the following factors:

1. You need special skills and knowledge
Just wonder why you see a number of companies offering the services of Window Repair and Window Replacement in Alexandria VA? This is because that to deal with the glass products such as damaged glass windows, the repairman needs to be familiar with all the safety measures and techniques need to perfectly repair or replace the old damaged glass screen. A professional glass repair technician has a professional background where he was taught by the master technicians on how to fix and replace broken glass windows, so he only he knows how to do it effectively, not you as a nonprofessional.

2. Lack of Knowledge & Skills Can Lead to Severe Injuries
When you are not applying the right methods and techniques and you are not aware of the safety measures that you need to take while replacing or repairing the broken glass window, and then there is a serious threat of personal injuries. The razor sharp and the tinniest edges of glass can easily produce injuries, even if you are doing the whole process with so much care.

3. Non Professional Approach Always Takes too Much Time
A professional can easily fix a broken glass window without spending too much time. On the contrary, when you, as a nonprofessional doing the same job, then it would take many more hours than what a professional needs to complete that project. It’s true that in today’s fast moving world no one can afford to waste his time in doing something that do not come under his profession.

4. No Quality Assurance
Even if you think that you have time and you can save money by not hiring a professional, then there will still not be the confirmation that the project would complete on a success. There is no one to give you the quality assurance because you have taken the responsibility and the role of a professional. So, whether it ends in a success or a failure, it all belongs to you, but no one else.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Why Home Window Glass Repair Must Not Be a DIY Project?

 Window Glass Repair

The sounds of shattering home window glass can be experienced anytime. The reason, because there are many natural and unnatural sources to damage your home window, the window glass can shatter anytime. It can be a storm, a hurricane, or even your kid throwing football towards your glass window by mistake that can damage your glass window. Whatever the reason may be, it would become extremely important to get that damaged window fixed as soon as possible.

The Problem with DIY Repairs!

There are certainly a number of companies and glass technicians doing Window Glass Repair in Alexandria VA but unfortunately, there are people who still opt for the DIY project. Here are the main reasons why one should never opt for the DIY glass repair projects:

Reason 1: Shattered glass pieces are dangerous

One should understand that when a glass window shatters, then broken glass pieces become extremely sharp and hazardous. The razor sharp edges of a broken glass are extremely dangerous and they can easily produce a very severe personal injury. As a nonprofessional, you are very prone to such threats and this is why professionals are hired for such projects. The professionals are blessed with knowledge, skills, tools, and they know how to carefully deal with such projects.

Reason 2: It is tricky to dispose off

When you have managed to remove the broken glass from the frame, now your job would be to dispose the broken glass with care. For this, using a cardboard is very ideal, but this would not be available to the nonprofessional, every time. Most of the people would normally use newspaper to wrap and dispose the glass but this way there are higher risks of getting injured. Professionals will have all the tools and they are completely responsible to take care of everything during the glass repair project.

Reason 3: Inappropriate installation would cost you high

As a nonprofessional, you would not be able to perfectly install the new window glass that will affect the performance and longevity of the home window. Alongside that, this also affects the energy efficiency and such things will ultimately cost you a lot in the long run. Appropriate installation is necessary for several reasons and this can only be ensured by hiring an expert in Window repair in Alexandria VA or wherever you are living.

Reason 4: It takes a lot of time

Window repair or replacement is one of those home chores that require professional experience and takes a lot of time. Even a professional is never going to do it in 30 minutes because this needs to carefully deal with the broken glass and installing the replacement screen in the most appropriate manner. When you, as a nonprofessional, are doing the window repairs on your own, then you will take even the whole day, without the guarantee that you will finish the job on a success. What you need is to call a local window repair technician or company and let them finish the task in the most professional and timely manner.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Things You Need to Know Before Starting a DIY Window Repair Project

 QRG Glass Services

Home windows and doors are certainly the most important part of every home. Whether you look from the security point of view or you look into the building aesthetic, you will find out that the home windows play a key role for every home. Strong winds, thunderstorms, natural disasters as well as the unnatural forces can easily damage your glass window at any point of time. At this point, you would have to quickly find a solution and fix your broken/damaged glass windows.

DIY Window Repairs

When you visit the local market, then you will know that there are a number of companies and specialized window glass repair professionals offering Window Repair in Alexandria VA. But sometimes, people consider repairing their broken or damaged home windows on their own. But before you start a window repair project, you should be aware of the following things:

Basic skills & knowledge

Window repair requires basic skills and knowledge due to the fact that window repair is a specialized job. The skills and knowledge that are necessary to perform such repairs cannot be exhibited by a nonprofessional. Do you really think that you have the skills and knowledge needed to perform a great fix? If you are not certain, then there is no point that you should carry on with such repairs. Otherwise, your project would definitely end up on a failure.

Professional tools

When you hire a professional, then you will witness that there are the certain professional tools that a window repair expert uses while performing Window Glass Repair in Alexandria VA at your project. Do you have those tools? I am pretty much sure that you would not be even be familiar with such professional tools and you will try to fix the window by using whatever conventional handyman tools you have in your house. Without the professional tools and the knowledge of how to use them, you are never supposed to complete such projects with success.
Window glass repair

Safety equipment

One of the biggest concerns is the risk of getting severe injuries, while performing the glass repair as a nonprofessional. There is the safety equipment such as safety gloves, goggles, and more that you have to use professionally while fixing the broken home windows. Even if you have the safety equipment, you can still get injured by doing even a slight mistake. Those little and sharp shattered pieces of glass can hurt you badly because of your nonprofessional techniques.


So, by looking at the above factors, I will recommend you to never involve in a window repair project without having the basic skills and knowledge of repairing the glass windows. Alongside that, you must also need to have and be familiar with the safety equipment that you need to use while performing such repairs. You also need to have the needed professional tools and if you don’t have such things available, then it is better to hire a professional window glass repair company or professional to fix your broken glass windows.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Benefits to Know a Local Alexandria VA Window Repair Company, Ahead of Time

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If you are the owner of a building, be it a home, restaurant, retail, or some commercial building, there will be a point, when you will hear or see that one of your glass windows have been shattered. At that time, hiring a company for Window Repair in Alexandria VA that you are not familiar with can cost you a lot. In fact, there are many benefits of knowing a reliable and credible company, ahead of time, that can help you get a great fix for your broken glass windows or the other fixtures, when they breaks.
 window repair in Alexandria, VA

Here are the top benefits that you can avail by knowing a trustworthy glass repair company today, for the expected future concerns:

1. It helps you with immediate solutions

When you already have the contact details of a reliable local company, then the biggest advantage is that it will provide you a prompt solution to your concern, without wasting any time. This becomes extremely beneficial in the emergency situations where you need to get your broken windows fixed immediately before anything bad happens, like burglaries and break-ins.

2. You are already aware of the service quality

You don’t need to be worried about the quality of the services due to the fact that you have already researched about the company’s service quality and you are pretty much aware of the fact that what quality service they can offer you. So, you can rest assured of the quality, rather than spending hours again to find a company with reliable and high quality services.

3. You know that they are affordable

As you have already researched about the company’s every single aspect, the pricing is also the one that you should have compared with the competitors during the research process. In emergency situations, you will never have the time to research about the different aspects of a company’s service and this thing usually results in paying the higher service costs. So, you can avoid this thing by doing a research, ahead of time, for a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable service provider in your surroundings.

4. You know what else services you can hire from the company in future

Another benefit of knowing a glass repair company doing Window Glass Repair in Alexandria VA, in advance, is that you would also be able to know the other similar services that you can hire from the company in the future. Again, this will help you save a lot of time while making it sure that you are going to hire the right company to experience the right quality services.

When you are searching for a company that can provide you the emergency glass repair services, then you have to be selective in your approach and quality should be your main focus. You should confirm about the company’s license, experience, technology they are using, and their pricing policy to make sure that you are about to choose the right option for your current and the future glass repair needs.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Choosing Between Buying New Glass Shelves and Repairs

Glass shelves are popular for many fruitful advantages that it offers to a homeowner. It is not only being used for its appealing looks, but also because it offers a better way to increase the storage space of the room. If you have the glass shelves installed in your room or commercial place and its condition is not very good, then this would be the time to either look for a reputable Alexandria, VA glass repair company to get it repaired or to find the replacement glass shelves. To choose the right option, you can follow the suggestions below.

Alexandria Glass Repair

1. If the glass shelves are not fulfilling your requirements

If the items you need to display on these shelves are more than what your existing glass shelves can hold, then this means that you need the new glass shelves. This is the most ideal time for you to replace your glass shelves as now you have the options to choose between a repair and replacement.

2. If hiring Alexandria, VA glass repair service costs are so high

Get a free quote from a local company, and then compare it with the cost of buying the new Glass Shelves in Alexandria, VA. If you find out that there isn’t a big difference between the both, in terms of costs, then you should consider buying the new glass shelves. Buying and installing the new glass shelves will offer you greater advantages in the long run.

Glass Shelves in Alexandria VA.

3. If there are just minor scratches

If your glass shelves are giving a bad impression because of the scratches, then this thing can be fixed easily. A professional glass repair technician can easily revamp the beauty of your existing glass shelves by removing the scratches by using his professional equipment and skills. This will not cost you big, so in this situation, it is good to opt for the repair services.

4. Consult with a reliable glass repair technician

A professional glass repair technician can help you with the most viable solution. Through expert advice, you can save big in the long run. Never ignore the importance of expert advice and never try to impose your own desires over the recommendations of an expert because you never know what is better and more fruitful keeping in mind the long term advantages. This is also important for you to make sure that you are consulting with an experienced and qualified glass repair technician.

When you have decided to buy the new glass shelves to replace the old damaged glass shelves, then you should thoroughly read about the available types of glass shelves. You must read the characteristics of different types to know the most feasible option for your requirements. I will recommend you to only consider the durability and high quality glass shelves because they are going to last for long and this is what provides more value for your money. Alongside that, you should also share your requirements with the seller to let him understand what your actual needs are. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Increasing the Storage Space of Your Room with Elegant Glass Shelves

Glass shelves have the flexibility to fit into any décor and it also offers highly appealing and prominent look wherever they are placed such as bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or offices.  If you have been looking around to find a perfect way of increasing the storage space of your rooms, while perking up the beauty inside, then there can’t be a better choice than considering the glass shelves that are really pleasing to the eye.

glass shelves in Alexandria, VA

Buying the perfect glass shelves in Alexandria, VA

When looking for the new glass shelves in Alexandria, VA there will be a number of home décor and improvement stores from where you can find those shelves. You can also explore these shelves online, as almost all the sellers have their products online for the potential clients. But before you buy any type and design it is important to have a look at a few factors that are really important:

The New Glass Shelves

1. What items you need to display
Because there are different designs and sizes of the glass shelves, so not every glass shelve will be viable to keep the items that you wish to display on it. Tell the seller what items you wish to display so that he can help you with the most appropriate size and design as per your requirements.

2. How many items would you like to place?

This is also another important question that you must ask yourself before you buy glass shelves. There are different quality glass shelves with different resilience power. So, tell the seller what number of glass items you need to display on the new shelves to ensure that you are going to get the right quality shelves.

3. Where you want to fix the new shelves

This is also important to keep in mind the place where you wish to fix the new shelves. Different types of glass shelves are manufactured to be placed in different places such as bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and offices, etc. so it is important to ask the seller to give you the most appropriate glass shelves in accordance with the place where you wish to fix them.

4. Your budget?

When looking for the new glass shelves, you must be very clear about your budget. In addition to the cost of buying the new glass shelves, you must also keep in mind the cost of professional installation. When you will have a certain budget in your mind, then it will help you quickly go through all the available options that will save you time.

Alexandria, VA Glass Repair

Professional Alexandria, VA Glass Repair & Installation Experts

There are a number of Alexandria, VA Glass repair and installation companies offering specialized services. When you need to install the new glass shelves, then you must also keep your focus on hiring the right professionals for the proper installation. The advantages of hiring a professional is that he will offer you the quality assurance, take full responsibility for any damage that might be occur during his services, and complete the project in a timely manner.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Choosing the Right Window Glass in Alexandria, VA for a Window Repair Project

Choosing the Right Window Glass in Alexandria, VA for a Window Repair Project

Glass windows are installed in homes for multiple reasons. They are installed to get a specific aesthetic feel to the home and also to make the home more energy efficient and comfortable. The glass windows are available in different types and styles so a buyer can go through a variety of options to choose the best option for his project. Apart from installing the new windows, there is also another concern and that is to repair the damaged windows. Yes, windows can get damaged and often it will demand you to immediately get it repaired.
When it comes to glass window repair in Alexandria, VA, then one area of concern is to ensure that you are going to use the most appropriate glass type for your project. Hence, it becomes important to get familiar with the available types of window glass. Here are the most common glass types that you can consider for your project:

Window glass repair in Alexandria VA

1. Tinted Glass for Window Repair

Tinted glass is known for reducing heat and providing the cost-efficient climate control. This type of glass is also good, if you wish to reduce the sun glare and at the same time you don’t want to compromise on the aesthetics. This glass type provides limited insulation benefits and this is available in colors such as green, grey, blue, and bronze.

2. Clear Float Glass for Window Repair

This is a distortion free and visually colorless glass that provides high light transmission and the clarity. This type is utilized in most of the performance glass products and can be commonly seen in doors and windows. If you are looking for an additional insulation benefit or to reduce the sun glare, then it’s an aesthetically beautiful glass type to achieve such goals.

3. Toughened Glass for Window Repair

If you want to use a glass with an increased strength, then the toughened glass is the best safety glass available. This glass type reduces the thermal breakage risks and increases the strength. When the toughened glass breaks, then it shatters into small and relatively harmless pieces that reduce the chances of injuries.

4. Low-E Glass for Window Repair

If you are looking for a glass type with improved insulation properties, then considering the low-e glass is a great choice. The low-e glass has the properties to reflect the radiation instead of absorbing it that improves the insulation. So, if you want such properties, then you can look for the low-e glass. This glass type is available in grey, green, clear, neutral, and blue colors.

The different types of glass that we have discussed today are the most common types of glass available in the market that you can consider for your project of window glass repair in Alexandria VA. Before you choose a particular type you must read about all the available options in detail to know the most feasible solution for your project. It is also a great idea to consult it with a reputable glass repair technician as he can recommend you the best option as per your budget and requirements.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Avoiding DIY Approach: Professional Window Repair Services in Alexandria, VA

There isn’t any doubt about the fact that windows are the entryways of a building that serves several important purposes. The reason why a homeowner or a commercial building needs to have at least one window in a room is not just one. They are installed for energy efficiency, making the indoor environment cool, lighting the indoor with natural light, and the modern day glass windows are more popular for their aesthetics. Alongside all the fruitful advantages of a modern day glass window, there are also the concerns like shattered glass pieces that can happen anytime due to a natural or unnatural force.
 Window repair Alexandria VA

Why people follow DIY approach?

The only reason people opt for DIY window repair in Alexandria,VA is that people want to save that little amount of money that a pro demands. What they don’t consider is the other side, the worst side, of the DIY approach that can cost them big. There are a number of reasons for which it is highly recommended not to do such repairs or installations on your own.

Reasons to avoid DIY glass repair/installation approach
When it comes to glass work like repairing a damaged window or installing the new glass shelves, then here are a few reasons for which it is highly recommended to hire the professionals rather than attempting the repair/installation on your own:

1. Quality work
When you are repairing the broken window or installing the new glass shelves without hiring a pro, then there is no doubt about it that the work quality will be low. Glass windows or shelves are expensive fixtures and you are never supposed to ruin your expensive products just by trying to save some money that you need for professional window repair or installation of glass shelves inAlexandria, VA. If you like the quality work, that you must, then it has to be a professional, not you.

2. Time factor
Today, we all are in a hurry to complete our routine tasks in the most appropriate manner. The fixed job hours and the burden of extra work that we do just to finance our basic needs never allows us to get into the additional works such as window repairs, etc. So, it is highly advised not to get involved in such activities.

3. Risks of injuries
As a non-professional doing the window repair, you are at higher risks of getting personal injuries. The lack of skills, professional tools, and experience increases the chances of injury and you can avoid this possibility by hiring a professional.

4. The chances of increasing the project cost

 Glass Shelves

There is also the chance of increasing the project cost as much as double of the original cost. You must be thinking how is that possible? When you are repairing the window or installing the new shelve without the proper tools, techniques, and experience, then the product can easily get damaged. In such case, you would have to buy the product again and this time you won’t be trying it yourself. This is how the project cost can double and this is something that you would never wish to experience.