Monday, July 10, 2017

7 Most Common Misconceptions about Movers

You must have heard a lot of stuff about the movers Mercer Island WA has when you were moving. While most of these things could be good reviews, there are still a lot of things that do not hold true in reality. There are many misconceptions about movers and you should know what and what not to believe.
You will find most of these misconceptions on blogs over the internet, but you should not believe everything. These rumors might ruin your chances for a smooth and stress-free move. Do not let them influence your decision about hiring movers. Here is a list of some of the most common misconceptions you will hear about movers:  

They are more expensive than a DIY move

This is false if you think about it from a logical point of view. Most people agree that a DIY move is stressful. This stress increases by the additional things you will have to buy for the move. These would include a packing tape, dispenser, packing materials, and a hauling rental truck. All this may not be more but will be equal to what movers may charge you. Calculate your expenses beforehand and you will find out the truth.

Your things get lost or broken

Breakage is NOT inevitable. Most movers Mercer Island WA has will have breakage and repair insurance. They are extremely professional and will be very careful with all of your things. You will have a complete list of what goes into the trunk. If it does not come out or you find it damaged when it arrives, they will pay for it.

The movers Mercer Island VA has do not need a license

Movers are private businesses and like all others need a license. If a moving service cannot show you their license, it is wrong on their part. You should not hire someone who is not licensed as it is both against the State law and unreliable.

They are only good at residential moves

Movers are all-inclusive service providers. Unless they specifically mention otherwise, they are equally good office movers, corporate relocation experts or great apartment movers in Mercer Island WA. They can help you out with moving your houses and offices both with the same efficiency.

They are always late

Moving is a well-planned and a well-executed process. A moving service will have everything planned out by the minute. They have a lot depending on time and they cannot afford to be late. Movers are mostly in time and punctual.

Movers just cannot be trusted

Some bad names in the industry cannot define every moving service. Movers can provide you all sorts of guarantees if you just ask. You can definitely ask because you will trust them with literally all of their stuff. Most of them are licensed and bonded and can show you a list of happy customers.

Movers are very disorganized

This is the worst thing you can say about a mover. All the movers in Mercer Island WA have a complete system and they check them before and after each move. They plan everything accordingly and save room for last minute tweaks in the plans, they have laid out. Movers are very organized and that is how they make your move so easy.
Next time you hear such a misconception about movers and their services make sure you do your research. You might end up finding out facts that are opposite.